August 8


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Bluehost or HostPapa? Hostgator or GoDaddy? Finding the right e-commerce hosting solution is crucial to the success or your start-up online enterprise. By choosing the right host you can avoid some pitfalls that will make setting up your first e-commerce store difficult and costly. A smooth e-commerce hosting plan makes it easy for you or your developer. Below we take a look at BlueHost, HostGator, Omnis, and Hostpapa

Powweb ecommerce hosting review

Powweb is the new hot spot for your small business online. It has earned this reputation, primarily, because of its reputation for supporting e-commerce. Also they know what small business owners respond to most: cheap hosting solutions. Powweb is around $3.88 per month. Why PowWeb?
Also, I have to say that installing Magento, while not supported certainly was easy.

Bluehost for e-commerce hosting

Bluehost is one of the best solutions out there for setting up a basic e-commerce solutions. Both OsCommerce and ZenCart solutions work seamlessly out of their automated installations. The site also includes unlimited add-on domains should you want to expand your online empire. Bluehost is who we first recommend to all of our new e-commerce hosting clients. Bluehost also offers an good mix of tons of space and an affordable price.

HostGator for e-commerce hosting

HostGator has gotten good reviews for its easily installed OsCommerce e-commerce solution for its web hosting clients. Their customer service also has been lauded, though it offers somewhat less space and is slightly more expensive than Bluehost. It is a preferred solution for e-commerce newbies thinking that they may expand onto a dedicated server or begin reselling hosting.

Omnis e-commerce hosting

Omnis is also a strong option for hosting ZenCart, OsCommerce. It is the cheapest option of all three, but is the least tested by clients. It has a good, but not great customer service track record. We have not had any reports about using the shared SSL on OsCommerce, but we’ve read that it works fine now after some early kinks.

Hostpapa e-commerce hosting

Host Papa is making a name for itself in the e-commerce field with its web hosting servers that are powered by Green Energy and affordable price. The verdict is still out on HostPapa as a worldwide vendor, though its had great success in New Zealand, it is worth considering that when you travel to New Zealand, you will need a rental car to get around the city of sails known as Auckland,  you will be able to find your car rental needs here Nevertheless the $5.95 per month price and green appeal has start a buzz around Hospapa.

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